Mr Jagdish Ahuja has been the Ex-President of the Bangalore stock exchange and the youngest president of any stock exchange in the world. He has transformed 6 organisations completely which he has headed or been a core part of in the past two decades. His enormous experiences as the President of Bangalore Stock Exchange and other large organisations have left him which some rich and valuable lessons. He is an internationally certified trainer by Success Resources Singapore and an upcoming author.

In a short span of 12 years, he has in various leadership capacities transformed & revived 6 institutions in different fields completely & now is on a personal  Financial Freedom Mission to Empower financially through education 1 million Indians from the age of 18 to 80. He believes Financial freedom just like freedom is your birthright and the only way of breaking out of the shackles of financial slavery is through the application of right knowledge, discipline & money management principles. For this mission, he has trained under leading coaches of the world such as, Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, T Harv Eker, Ron Kaufman to name a few and has attended international seminars of them as well. He is now a Certified International Trainer by Success Resources Singapore

He is a multi faceted personality and regularly conducts seminars on Trading, Investing, Motivation, Success & Leadership and is frequently invited as a Speaker on various forums including institutions like IIM & Symbiosis etc. He was also the Market expert on Radio Indigo 91.9FM and used to give his market commentary every morning on Indigo Stock Watch, from 2007 till March 2011.

He is an avid reader, a strategic thinker and a Transformational coach on  Strategy, Success, Life , Wealth & Leadership . He is currently authoring a book Salary is Slavery- 7 steps to Financial Freedom.

He is also a lover of music and  a spiritual seeker & certified sound healer who believes that the Sky is not the limit, but  just a beginning into the space of Human potential.